Av. Santa Maria No 2348, Arica 
Region de Arica Parinacota - Chile
RUT: 76614620-1
Email: info@agroindustrialaricas.com / ventas@agroindustrialaricas.com
Phone: +56(58)2353888 / +56(22)4054549 (Sr. Luis Clemente Cerda M.)

Agroindustrial Aricas S.A is a reputed Chile frozen food company It is a very well reputed business that has been involved in the export business for over 10 years. It is one of the most recognized poultry supplier in Chile and a recommended supplier in most Asian and European Countries

The management of EverFresh’s new meat division has hands on experience in livestock and agriculture. Agroindustrial Arica S.A  has been setup with the same commitment to provide quality meat to consumers globally. Our goal is to achieve best practices and international standards in the same way as we have introduced to the dairy industry in Chile

With Sr. LUIS CLEMENTE CERDA MORENO as President the company has been moving at a smooth pace withh many European partners and customers on her watctch.

Not forgetting that whatever Agroindustrial Aricas S.A engages into, she does it under the guidance of the law highletd by her full flesh and qualified Barrister at the legal department.